We are committed to providing breakthrough traffic solutions worldwide

Elektromodul-traffic is a company specialised in traffic design, construction, maintenance, and consulting in the field of road light signalization.


Our mission is commitment to providing breakthrough solutions that significantly contribute to the increase of road safety. Traffic Lights Plus is an example of such solutions, which has proven to reduce the average speed of movement of vehicles on a section of the road.


Our vision is to become a worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions in the area of road safety.


The values upon which we base our development are: hard work, holistic thinking, innovation and contribution to the community.


In our business we use the PDCA model by means of which we constantly improve our services and processes.

We possess certificates: ISO 9001ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001




Being informed

To allow clients and investors an easy access to all the necessary information.



The relationship to the respective  clients/investors as a valued party (at the premises of the company, on the phone or mobile phone, at a construction site, etc.) and expression of genuine concern, respect and understanding for the client’s needs.



The delivery of the construction in a perfect  condition at the agreed deadline.



Contact with  clients/investors after the delivery/the constructin to verifiy their satisfaction, and to inform the representatives of quality.