Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vision Zero?

The Vision Zero is the Swedish approach to road safety thinking. It can be summarized in one sentence: No loss of life is acceptable. The Vision Zero approach has proven highly successful. It is based on the simple fact that we are human and make mistakes. The road system needs to keep us moving. But it must also be designed to protect us at every turn.


Source: www.visionzeroinitiative.com


When I’m walking across an intersection controlled by a traffic signal the green light never stays on long enough for me to cross. Why?

The pedestrian green light is not supposed remain on long enough to allow you to cross the entire intersection. It usually comes on for about 6–10 seconds depending on the location. This indicates to the pedestrian that they may begin crossing. The red signal means do not step off the curb, however if you have begun to cross, keep going – as you will normally have enough time to reach the other side. If the green light stayed on longer, then pedestrian could be in the intersection when the opposing traffic received a green light, which is obviously not a desirable situation.


Source: British Columbia, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure