Road markers

LED markers

Used to improve visibility of horizontal signalization


Exceptionally thin design with outstanding mechanical characteristics and high-intensity light contributes to significantly improved visibility of horizontal signalization.


One-sided or two-sided LED markers for pavements provide numerous possibilities regarding configuration of light intensity and method of operation.



  • exceptional visibility
  • resistant to chemical and mechanical influences
  • resistant to the operation of snow ploughs
  • method of operation: permanent, alternating, chaser lights etc.
  • one-sided or two-sided
  • colors: white, yellow, blue, red , green
  • dimming function

Retroreflective markers

For better visibility of kerbs


Retroreflective markers are used for significantly improved visibility of kerbs, especially at night and in the rain.


We supply and install retroreflective markers resistant to abrasion made out of Class III retroreflective material – Diamond grade.



  • high visibility, especially at night and in the rain
  • resistant to abrasion
  • depending on the investor’s requirements, the selection of colours of markers and retroreflective surfaces can be made in combination of: white, yellow, blue, red and green
  • it would be ideal to place them on kerbstones because they are not foreseen for places where the winter road service crew passes with snowploughs


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