Traffic counting

Vehicle traffic counter

Fast acquisition of data from multiple locations


The vehicle traffic counter with a Doppler radar of exceptional quality is of small dimensions, practical and flexible.


Due to its mobility, it enables fast acquisition of data from multiple locations.



  • high level of mobility
  • data on vehicle speed, number of vehicles, classification of vehicles, direction of travel and distance between vehicles
  • classification of vehicles in 6 categories
  • speed measurement in the range from 1 to 255 km/h
  • categorization of vehicle speeds in 10 speed intervals
  • counting of traffic in both directions
  • online collection of data
  • solar-powered

Bicycle counters

Accurate data contributes to an increase in road safety and supports the promotion of cycling



Do you need a bicycle counter with a display? Do you need temporary or permanent traffic data? Acquiring data from distant locations will let you analyse cycling traffic, increase road safety and promote sustainable mobility.


Depending on the location and intended purpose of counting data, we can offer you a solution that will satisfy all your needs.



  • highly accurate counting of cycling traffic
  • temporary or continuous acquisition of data
  • increase in cyclist safety in dangerous cross-sections and pedestrian crossings
  • user-friendly software to compile and share data and produce graphs, charts and reports


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