Traffic lights

Traffic Signal Controllers

Powerful and reliable devices for any traffic situation


We supply and install cutting-edge traffic signal controllers manufactured in accordance with the most recent global standards and norms.


The devices are of a modular design, can be adapted to any traffic situation and can be directly connected to various monitoring and control centers.



  • traffic actuated and adaptive control
  • possibility of supplying a device operating on 220 V or 40 V
  • one device can service up to 4 intersections independently

Traffic Signal Heads

Durable | Ecological | Elegant

We supply and install best quality traffic signal heads on the market. Through such an approach, we ensure durability of built objects in addition to lowered maintenance costs.


Our offer includes traffic signal heads of various dimensions (diameters of 100, 210 and 300 mm), shapes (standard, ultrathin) and materials (polycarbonate, aluminium).


Light sources are LED modules with high-quality properties.



  • exceptional quality
  • very low consumption
  • exceptional visibility even in the most unfavourable weather conditions
  • premium-quality design

Traffic Countdown Timers

Improve the quality of traffic flow


Traffic countdown timers improve general traffic indicators in isolated intersections with traffic signals and in coordinated stretches of road with traffic signals.


From our offer, we would especially like to emphasize GIGANUMBER – the largest countdown timer on the market (typically it is mounted on consoles of cantilever-lattice masts), visible from a distance of a few hundred meters and MEGANUMBER – a countdown timer with a diameter of 300 mm and KILONUMBER – a countdown timerwith a diameter of 210 mm.



  • increased level of service for system users
  • reduced possibility of traffic accidents and incidental situations
  • reduced gas consumption
  • reduced pollution and noise


Data acquired through detectors becomes a resource of the future


State-of-the-art detectors are used not only for controlling traffic lights, but also for numerous other purposes such as counting traffic and for classifying vehicles, red light enforcement, calculating vehicle speed, calculating travel time, detecting parking lot occupation, etc.


Methods of data acquiring and processing from cutting-edge smart detectors are in accordance with the state-of-the-art methods for data acquisition from distant locations, where the devices themselves mutually communicate, which is precisely what makes them a part of the IoT (“Internet of Things”).



  • vehicle and cyclist detection for semi/fully actuated or adaptive control
  • calculating of travel time
  • traffic counting and vehicles classification
  • vehicle speed calculation
  • parking lot occupation detection

Push buttons

Reliable and long lasting


We pay special attention to the equipment controlling the operation of traffic signals, and, therefore, to  pedestrian push buttons as well.


We supply and install innovative push buttons of excellent design.



  • suitable for poles of various diameters and sizes
  • vandal-resistant
  • multifunctional configuration options
  • compact, easy-install design

Signals for blind and visually impaired people

In accordance with modern traffic requirements


We supply and install signals for the blind and visually impaired that do not disturb the residents of the surrounding area, while simultaneously helping the blind and visually impaired.


Depending on the requirements, we also supply signals for the blind and visually impaired with an integrated accessible pedestrian push button.



  • programing volume parameters for specific parts of day/night
  • activation / deactivation via a real-time clock
  • acoustic signal volume dependant on the ambient noise level
  • signal vibration during green light and an included tactile unit
  • tactile signals used for the recognition of the number of traffic lanes, including driving direction, etc.
  • vandal-resistant


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