Vision Zero

Traffic Lights Plus

Proven to decrease the average vehicle speed on a section of road


TRAFFIC LIGHTS PLUS is a Vision Zero solution that significantly contributes to safety in traffic. It is a globally unique solution developed by our company. TRAFFIC LIGHTS PLUS consists out of a pedestrian crossing traffic lights and speed display with the text message, which mutually communicate via a wire or wireless connection. The speed displays control the operation of the traffic lights, depending on the speed of the vehicle. That way, the drivers note the cause and effect relation between their speed and the reaction of the traffic lights.


In simple terms, the speed display controls the traffic signal in the following manner: if the vehicles move in accordance with the speed limit – the light on the traffic signal remains green, and if the vehicles exceed the speed limit – the light on the traffic signal turns red. Regardless of the aforementioned, when it comes to the method of functioning, the classic operation of a traffic signal still holds priority. This means that even when vehicles do not exceed the speed limit, the light of the traffic signal will turn red if a pedestrian previously pushed the accessible pedestrian push button.



  • case: a decrease of up to 80 % in traffic accidents, without deaths and serious injuries, on the road section, in comparison to the period prior to the installation of Traffic Lights Plus, as well as an almost 46 % decrease in the number of people with slight injuries.
  • decrease of average vehicle speed on the road section
  • significant increase in safety on the road section.

Solar Wifi Traffic Lights

Proven to increase traffic safety in rural areas

SOLAR WIFI TRAFFIC LIGHTS is a Vision Zero solution that significantly contributes to safety in rural areas. It is a globally unique solution developed by our partners from China.


We are proud that we can help communities worldwide in the areas where there is no mains power supply.



  • solar power supply
  • wifi control
  • LED signal heads


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